Educational Department

Nazira Qur’an-e-Kareem: In this department, prayer and Sunnah prayers are taught to the boys and girls along with the Nazira Qur’an

Tahfeez ul Qur’an Al-Kareem: In this department, the girls are taught to memorize the Quran.

Book’s Department: In this department, the syllabus of Wifaq Ul Madaris Al Arabia, Dars-e-Nizami (Darja-e-Oola to Daura-e-Hadith) is taught to the girls.

School & College: In this department, formal education (limited to Arts subjects) from Class VI to B.A is arranged along with Dars-e-Nizami.

Adult’s Education: Under adult’s education Nazira Qur’an, Translation and Explanation of Qur’an and necessary religious problems and commands are taught to these female students who are unable to study full time due to their busyness.

Online Teaching: This feature provides institutional. That if any knowledge of the Holy Qur'an and hadeeth get sitting at home, it may have the opportunity

Admission’s Structure

Admission are given thrice in a year in the Book’s Department of Hadiqatul Uloom al- Islamia Lilbanat

1- In Shawwal (After Ramazan)      2- After March      3- In August

Whereas admissions are continuous for whole year in the department of Tahfeez Ul Quran and other departments.

Note: Entry is via test. Class 5th Mathematics, English and Urdu have conflicting test.

Admission Terms

Department Admission Date Admission Terms

Nazira Qur’an-e-Kareem

Admissions open


Tahfeez Ul Qur’an

Admissions open

Primary Education

Adult’s Education

Admissions open



Shawwal (After Ramazan)

Metric Passed

School Department with


After the month of March

Primary Passed

College Department with


In the month of August

Metric Passed


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